New to Yoga

Begin your Yoga journey today at fusionmovement YOGA studio!

To make your YOGA journey a happy one, we recommend you start with any class on the schedule that has been designated as "beginner" or "gentle". Each "beginner" class will introduce you to your yoga practice in a safe, slow and comprehensive manner. Learn basic poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation techniques. The hands on assisting will help students find ease and comfort in their practice.

Classes for Beginners

These are the clases we recommend for beginners;

Beginners Yoga | Monday @ 5:30 pm

Hatha Yoga | Tuesday @ 5:45 pm & Thursday at 5:00pm

Shoulders, Hips & Hamstrings | Tuesday at 7:00pm & Wednesday at 9:30am

Warm Restorative | Tuesday at 5:45pm & Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Therapeutic Yoga | Wednesday at 5:30pm & Friday at 9:30am

Flow Yoga | Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Gentle Yoga | Friday @ 11:00 am

Gentle Flow | Saturday @ 10:15 am

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