"I just wanted to tell you, Natasja, that I thought the class you taught this morning was perfect in every way. You bring joy, humour, and exuberance to the mat....but also a special kind of gentleness. The words you spoke during savasana (relaxation) touched me deeply. I also wanted to comment how much it means that you always greet people by name. It shows you care about each of your students as individuals. This is something I often tell my student nurses...when they speak with patients they should use their name often. Thank you for continuing to offer wonderful yoga classes with wonderful teachers."
- Christine F.

"I love your studio space and the quality of the classes. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You are a perfect match to so much that I want to create for myself. Your classes are varied and enjoyable, so reaching for a fitter, more flexible body is within my grasp. And with your knowledge and guuidance I know that I will have the help I need to release long held tension and stiffness in my muscles. I am endlessly appreciative of the beautiful space that you have created! When I am reaching for a happy thought in my day, remembering the feeling of well-being that I get from your wonderful classes, is a sure fire path to feeling great!"
- Maureen Hyman.

"I had always wanted to try Yoga, but thought that it required me to be in fantastic shape prior to starting, after reviewing Fusionmovement's website I decided to try a beginner class. I was diagnosed 12 years ago with a condition that affects my muscles and joints and I am one of those people who spend my entire day at a desk, as a result of both I have had lower back pain for years. In my first yoga class at Fusionmovement Yoga studio, I realized that Yoga is hard work but it is also a fantastic way to re-connect with your body and spirit while getting a great work out. I am proud to say that since that first class 4 weeks ago I have not experienced any lower back pain. I have increased energy in both body and spirit and am proud to be testing myself to new limits with the help of the instructors at Fusionmovement. I recommend Yoga for anyone!!"
- Michelle H.

"For many years I had wanted to try Yoga but the farthest I ever got was purchasing a book. I finally decided to go ahead and try out a beginners class with Fusionmovement Yoga Studio. Now I can say in all honesty that I can't imagine not having yoga in my life. It was love at first try! I love the way my mind and body feels after class and I love that there are no limits in yoga. You can take it as far as you wish to and Natasja is a wonderful teacher that adapts the movements to your abilities! I never thought I would look forward to my Monday night Intro to Yoga class at Fusionmovement Yoga Studio so much!!!
- Ashley N.

"I totally enjoyed the class last night as usual. It was awesome. I love all the things you are doing. I think it's great that you offer special events that are different. We're planning to come to more and more classes during the summer and look forward to it! Keep up the amazing work ladies! Always a pleasure!!"
- Janet K.

"The special 2 hour HOT Prana Power Flow yoga class with live drummers was the best experience!! I could not have wished for something so amazing because I didn't even know it existed!!! So THANK YOU!!!!!
- Vanessa C.

"I just want to congratulate you both, Natasja and Marcy, on your first very successful year!!! I also wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed the special 2 hour HOT yoga class yesterday evening! The drummers were amazing!! The class was totally upbeat and rewarding (thanks Natasja!). All the best to both of you in the upcoming year and I look forward to many more exciting practices!
- Mirella P.

"Fusion Movement came into my life 6 years ago at a time when I needed to find my path again. I was searching .......what I found was a place with a heart beat that wasn’t a place at all but a person. Natasja Payne came into my life as the saying goes at the right time to allow me to become strong in my physical body as well as my spiritual self. She  pushed me ever so gently to continue my journey that had stalled. The studio and Natasja allow me a place to go where I don’t have to be anything to anyone. I am taken out of all my rolls and allowed to follow.  Sometimes blindly, sometimes questioning, sometimes kicking and screaming and sometime’s turning the tables. Never with judgement never with anything other than complete and utter support. Natasja always knows what I need rather than what I want, weather it’s an ear to listen or a challenging class that kicks my butt to get me out of my head and back to the physical. She knows what questions to ask so I have to answer the tough questions.

Fusion Movement is a place of community where I go to just be me – not the boss, not a leader, not the problem solver, not a wife, not a sister nothing is asked of me other than to be on my journey, my path in total support. It is a place where I find joy with just being. I have enjoyed 6 years of private classes with Natasja my practices has evolved from a very superficial means of exercise to a deep  understanding of my journey! I will always be grateful for the guidance, support and friendship from my teacher and friend

- Michelle Trombley