Benefits of Yoga

Yoga benefits and affects each person in a different way. Some may feel calm and relaxed, while others feel energized. Rest assured, your entire body - organs, digestive system, and cardiovascular system -  will benefit from yoga.

  • builds both physical and mental strength.
  • creates longer, leaner muscles.
  • balances body weight.
  • improves flexibility and lubrication of the joints,ligaments and tendons.
  • improves posture and body awareness.
  • cross-training for various sports; running, cycling, golf,weight-training, etc.
  • aids in recovery from injury and chronic pain.
  • reduces stress and anxiety.
  • uplifts mood and balances the mind.
  • increases energy and joy.

Benefits of HOT Yoga

  • Your body burns fat more effectively, fat may be redistributed and burns as energy during the class. It's common to lose inches.
  • The heat produces a fluid-like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body.
  • Capillaries dilate in the heat more effectively, oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands and organs and helping in the removal of waste products.
  • Your peripheral circulation improves due to enhanced perfusion of your extremities.
  • Your cardiovascular system gets a good work out.
  • Your muscles and connective tissues become more elastic and allow for greater flexibility with less chance of injury.
  • Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin-which is the body's largest eliminating organ.
  • Just as when your body raises its temperature to fight an infection, the raised temperature in the room will assist in improving T-cell function and the proper functioning of our immune system.
  • Metabolism improves in our digestive system.
  • In one HOT yoga class (75 minutes) one can expect to burn between 700-1000 calories. This will vary depending on body weight and level of exertion.